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Xinna was born and raised in the south of Sweden, in an area famous for its beautiful nature and home to many artists. She grew up exploring many different creative fields, but eventuallt setteled on painting. In her teenage years she struggled with realism and swor she would never paint realistically. She started her art business in 2015 with a focus on abstract art. After a portrait course in 2017, she started to paint portraits in watercolours, breaking her promise never to paint realistically. In 2023 she enrolled in the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute and immediatly fell in love with oils.

Xinnas creative process is deeply connected to her journey of self-discovery. Her artwork invite the viewer to connect with their own journery and explore their authentic selves. She finds inspiration within the many layers of herself. Layers that she is constantly uncovering and translating into colours, images and brushstrokes. Xinna expresses hope, freedom and accpetance to be yourself through her paintings.

“Art is a way for me to express what I can’t put into words”. - Xinna

Xinna currently works from her home studio in Hörby, listening to the water in a nearby creek while painting. At the moment she’s fasinated by birds - their beauty, fragility and hopefulness. Although it’s not a subject that can be found in every painting, it’s something she belive she will return to again and again.

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